Our mission statement is “Practical Business Innovation”.

Practical: offer high quality advice and services, come up with practical solutions to start-ups, small and medium-sized originations and multinationals for their technologies.

Business: contribute to a healthy business focusing on quality, continuity, satisfaction and outstanding value. You will notice the enthusiasm, commitment and expertise. Result oriented approach . making their first prototype, new product and improved process

Innovation: contribute to science and innovation, provide solutions through scientific knowledge and expertise, provide advice and services to exceed the expectations of organizations.



Research & Development Innovation Knowledge Broker
Designing, planning and executing research projects to identify business opportunities and process improvements. Scaling up lab experiments to demonstration plant and writing detailed plant protocols. Turning research opportunities into practical solutions, improved products and efficient processes. Connecting small, medium and large organizations with research institutions and government to accelerate innovation. Facilitating transfer and exchange of knowledge aiming to co-development. Improving the innovative capability of an organization.





A list of selected projects:

  • Waste materials turned into valuable ingredients (circular economy);
  • Solvent free paint – high quality and using natural ingredients;
  • Chemical additives for oil industry – various liquid, suspension and polymer products;
  • Hydraulic press process – cost saving and yield improvement;
  • Food ingredients – various application (taste, texture, shelf-life);
  • Customer complaints resolved – moisture separation, discoloration, unwanted viscosity etc.;
  • Plant troubleshooting;
  • Chemical process – yield improvement;
  • Solvent recovery process – energy reduction;
  • Column fouling;
  • Waste water treatment projects;
  • Analytical methods – improvement and development;
  • Ad-hoc services.


  • Amsterdam Science Park
  • Rodanco BV
  • Tradin Organics
  • Atelier Okan Akin


Founder and Industrial Consultant – Whitestone Research

Halil is a recognized expert in leading cutting-edge research, development and innovation services to small, medium and large organizations. He has experience in ad-hoc requests and service oriented research. Halil is an entrepreneur and founder of Whitestone Research seeking increased efficiency, service levels and performance. He provides services in developing new products, solutions and implementing process improvements since 2016. Before that, he worked for Tate & Lyle and held different roles in the United States, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Halil has specialized in food ingredient development and manufacturing recipe, analytical method improvement and process development. Halil has a PhD in physical organic chemistry from VU University of Amsterdam.

Please send me an email for more detailed information. You can also look at my personal linkedin page or download my CV.

2016: Founder and Industrial Consultant – Whitestone Research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013: Pilot Plant Manager – Tate & Lyle, Jurong Island, Singapore

2012: Group Process Chemist – Tate & Lyle, McIntosh (AL), United States

2010: Group Process Chemist – Tate & Lyle, Decatur (IL), United States

2008: Research & Development Scientist – Tate & Lyle, Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands

2007: PhD in physical organic chemistry – VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2003: MSc in organic chemistry – VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2001: BSc in organic chemistry – HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands